Meet Jo Pascoe

Jo is a teacher, facilitator, motivator, intuitive healer and much more. Her expertise is all things mind, body and spirit and her incredible ability to help people resolve years of built up pain and suffering, both mental and physical.

“Beginning my journey helping friends and family, I started to realise my potential to connect with people on a more spiritual level.  I started out as a massage therapist and then embraced the power of Reiki. But it started long before that, when I was hairdressing.  I would be massaging conditioning treatments into my clients hair and taking away headaches, stress and tension. At the same time I would get intuitive messages and put it down to a knowing.”

So captivated by the powers of natural healing, Jo quickly became eager to learn more and increase her knowledge in the field of other natural therapies.

With the ability to guide both the experienced, and those new to healing and self-development, Jo can awaken a new sense of awareness and well-being within you.

Jo has over 27 years experience in the Wellness industry, she is dedicated to helping people live a full and satisfying life.  Passionate about motivating people to develop personal growth, she is a facilitator if healing and personal understanding.  She has worked with leading self-development professionals and is a practitioner in many therapies including

  • Thought Field Therapy (tapping)
  • Massage Therapy
  • Reiki and Energy Healing
  • Intuitive Guidance
  • Equilibriation Process and Meditation

And she is very excited to announce her own modality is in the process of development.

In 2004, Jo was fortunate to work alongside the people who introduced Thought Field Therapy (TFT) to Australia.  After personally experiencing the life changing power of TFT, Jo realised that she had discovered her true passion.

“I assisted in many TFT workshops and seminars where my accumulated involvement working beside these experts lead me to become the trainer and practitioner I am today.  Since becoming a qualified professional in Thought Field Therapy, I have been conducting my own workshops and seminars in what is now my leading modality.”


  • Qualified Practitioner & Trainer in Thought Field Therapy – Algorithm Practitioner (TFT-ALG) and Diagnostic Practitioner (TFT-DX)
  • Diploma in Massage Therapy & Massage Teacher with 30 years’ Experience
  • Body Reader
  • Reiki & Facilitator of Energy Healing
  • Meditation
  • Aromatherapy