Services - Body Energy System Technique


To help you reach and maintain a state of emotional balance and well-being. Jo’s professional expertise offers an integrated approach of several holistic modalities, which together create B.E.S.T:  Body Energy System Technique

  • Massage
  • Thought Field Therapy Tapping
  • Reiki & Energy Healing
  • Mindset Coaching
  • Equilibration Process
  • Meditation

Jo’s treatments offer a combined approach of Thought Field Therapy, Reiki & Energy Healing and Intuitive Guidance to tune into you, detect and address areas in your life that you wish to resolve. This system allows you to view life differently and feel empowered to take control. If you haven’t experienced healing before and are unsure of the process, Jo will guide you through it. Her experience lends her the ability to truly customise treatments to each individual; developing a solution for your personal growth.

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