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Jo Pascoe offers Internationally recognised certificate courses that will enable you as a practitioner to take your business and personal life to a whole new level. Jo’s philosophy is built on the belief that we are all connected by the energy within and around us. When you change your perceptions, you change your energy and the world around you. In Jo’s courses you will learn new techniques to enhance your existing services and bring about a deeper and longer-lasting change for your clients. 

Level 1 – Thought Field Therapy (TFT) – Tapping

Thought Field Therapy is a modality that uses acupressure points on the body. By tapping on these points in certain sequences we can eliminate years of emotional disturbance.

This is a 4 day course that teaches all aspects of tapping to use for yourself or with family, friends and clients. This workshop qualifies you as an Algorithm level 1, Thought Field Therapy Practitioner enabling you to assist people to resolve emotions such as trauma (PTSD), fears, phobias, anger, jealousy, broken heart, physical pain and addictions that have been putting limitations on life. This very effective tool resolves emotional blocks, negative thought patterns and beliefs that are holding you/your clients back from experiencing health and wellbeing.

This 4 day course is facilitated over two weekends, one month apart to give you time to learn, put it into practice and review and revise your new techniques. 

TFT – Tapping Course Details

Date:  (4 days / 2 weekends, approximately one month apart)

First weekend – Level 1 (part 1) – Dates will be early 2019

Second weekend – Level 1 (part 2) – early  2019 – TBC

9:30 till 5pm each day

$650 for all 4 days

Cost Includes:

  • 32 contact hours (4 days) with Jo Pascoe
  • Comprehensive learning manual
  • An internationally recognized certificate
  • Skills and knowledge to incorporate TFT into your practice
  • Ongoing support

1st weekend- learn

2nd weekend – review, testing, and practice

> Payments can be made by Credit and Visa debit / EFTPOS or bank transfer
> Payment plans are available but please enquire ASAP if you would like to take up this option

For more details or to book your place call Jo Pascoe 0400 407 700 or email:

Tapping is a tool that can be used anywhere, anytime, for anything! Come and learn this incredible technique with one of the BEST!

For more details or to book your place call Jo Pascoe 0400407700

Level 2 – Body Energy System Technique (B.E.S.T)

Level 2 is Tapping with much more detail and emphasis on reading the body and using your intuition to understand the clients needs, with a more in-depth meaning of the tapping points and how it affects the body, mind connection.
This technique enables you to detect what is really going on for your clients so you can resolve and eliminate negative emotions, emotional cycles, family patterns and limiting beliefs.
  • Learn to use your intuition to read the body, enabling you to use TFT – Tapping procedures in a much deeper way, to resolve your clients emotional and physical pain.
  • This deeper understanding enables you to create a personalised algorythm for your clients, to really help them achieve a deeper level of healing and resolution
  • Using your intuition and knowledge of the acupressure points, you’ll be able to gain clarity around where your clients are stuck and which points to work on for best results because you’re tapping on points according to information that the body is giving you


You must have completed Level 1 in order to complete Level 2

Contact Jo to book your spot on: 0400407700

Level 3 – Body Energy System Technique (B.E.S.T.) – Advanced

for Massage Therapists

For qualified massage therapists only Level 3 brings tools to your massage therapy, enabling you to resolve physical and emotional pain at the same time, providing therapists a unique point of difference

Learn to use your intuition to read the body enabling you to use TFT – Tapping procedures in a much deeper way, to resolve your clients emotional and physical pain.

Upcoming dates to be announced soon

Finding Your Success

Have you ever wondered where you would really find success in life?

Have you tried hard to be successful and not quite made it?

Do you realize you sabotage your success because of old patterns and programing?

Is fear holding you back?

This one-day workshop will help you realize where your success lies and get an understanding of what’s been holding you back. You’ll learn the tools to eliminate problems and begin your path to achieving success. 

You’ll begin to create a life of possibilities and opportunities. 

You’ll be guided in such a way that a change in your thoughts and perceptions will bring about huge changes throughout your life.  

Finding your Success – Workshop Dates  

Date:  TBC

Venue: The Garden – Mind Body Business. 4 Ross Smith Avenue West, Frankston


Learn about energy, and thought and how to use it to manifest your dreams and find your success. 

Contact Jo to book your place


  • Heidi
    Thank you so very much for allowing me to be a part of your students’ journey. I’ve confronted some very personal issues this weekend and I’m confident that our new world healers will go forth and do great things. To the students: congratulations on embarking on the journey, believe in yourselves! To the beautiful facilitator/teacher: thank you for allowing me to be a part of this experience. Much love to you all 💗
  • Merrin
    I did one session with Jo, and we cut through to the core of an issue that 20 years of traditional therapy never reached. It has changed my life.